Our Coverages

Key Fob

Our Key FOB Replacement Protection covers the repair or replacement of the key/FOB if lost, damaged, or stolen.


Our warranty will eliminate your need to make an insurance claim, which could potentially have led to a deductible payment, out of pocket expenses and higher monthly rates.


Our PDR Protection covers the repairs of dents and dings, restoring your vehicle to its prior condition.


Our Interior Protection plan protects against damage from spills, stains, burns, rips and tears on all carpeted, vinyl and leather surfaces.


In the event of such damage to your coated vehicle, our Exterior Paint warranty further protects you by covering for repairs.


Our Headlight Protection covers the repair of damaged OEM headlights in the event that they become dull or faded.


With our PPF protection, in the event that road debris penetrates your PPF and causes damage to your paint, we will cover these costly repairs as well as the reapplication of the PPF film.

Wheels & Tires

Our Tire and Wheel protection ensures that these costly occurrences won’t inconvenience you any more than they have to.

Transparent delivers comprehensive protection to new and used vehicles. With no deductible or out of pocket expenses and unified pricing based on where you live and what you drive, you will be aware of exactly how much you are paying for coverage.

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