Windshield Coverage

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, windshields have become much more than just a piece of glass. With constant developments of safety features and technology for windshields, their costs are steadily on the rise, leading to expensive repairs when chips or cracks occur. Our Glass Protection covers the repair or replacement of the windshield on the vehicle due to damage from rocks, stones, or other road debris. Your coverage will include restoring important windshield safety technology, such as recalibration. Our warranty will eliminate your need to make an insurance claim, which could potentially have led to a deductible payment, out of pocket expenses and higher monthly rates. Additionally, GlassParency will be applied to windshields to increase durability in the future.

Benefits - Available on new and used cars

Glassparency windshield application included

Windshield recalibration included

Covers the repair or replacement (two different levels of coverage) of the windshield on the vehicle due to rocks, stones, or other road debris

Rental car reimbursement for up to 3 days

Reapplication of Glassparency in the event of a claim

Unlimited claims